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Our desire from the very early days of The Sarasota News Leader has been to provide stories you will not find elsewhere and to highlight events and people deserving of more attention than they have received in other news media. This week's issue perhaps offers more emphasis on the second part of that goal. Associate Editor Cooper Levey-Baker has written a touching article about the strong support of the Baltimore Orioles for the Miracle League of Manasota: Orioles All Star pitcher Jim Johnson explains very clearly the team's motivation in helping to create a wonderful, safe environment where children and adults with special needs can play baseball. Sports pundits use a lot of ink and airtime to complain about overpaid, spoiled athletes. When you read this story, you will have nothing but admiration for what Johnson and his teammates are doing. On a very different subject: Scott Proffitt took the time to attend the first Ken Thompson Day celebration in the city of Sarasota. While Scott does a wonderful job of covering the School Board for us, he also has a tremendous love for this community's history. Fortunately, he has been more than willing to share that love with readers by covering Historical Society of Sarasota County panel discussions over the past months. The Thompson Day story is another fine effort to help us all understand more about this community and the people who helped mold it. Finally, you do not have to be a fan of ballet to appreciate critic Elinor Rogosin's articles about Sarasota Ballet performances. Elinor has such a fascinating background — and so much expertise in the world of dance — that we should feature her in a story one day. In the meantime, if you want to read a very well written review, take a look this week at her Very pleasant surprises. Editor and Publisher

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