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Sarasota News Leader February 15, 2013 Page 33 portantly, my mental and emotional health is weakening.��� Nadalini told The Sarasota News Leader Clutter ���certainly did a good job.��� Clutter followed long-time pension chief Benita Saldutti in the position. The city is now grappling with massive ���unfunded liabilities��� in its three pension plans because of poor investment returns during the recession. Those poor rates of return are continuing, according to a report from a financial management firm on Feb. 11. Polen Capital was hired last March to manage some of the money in the city���s General Employees Pension fund. Polen Relationship Manager John Gunther Sarasota City Auditor and Clerk Pam Nadalini/Photo by Norman Schimmel said that for 2012, the firm lost 2.99 percent of the city���s money it had invested in the stock miliarity, I do not possess the confidence to be market. able to be in the political arena,��� she wrote. ���We did lose a little money but you did make Clutter did not leave the office in chaos. ���I it back in January,��� Gunther told the pension have completed the Audits and Valuations to board���s trustees. the best of my ability, as I feel that I have handled every task that was presented. Since my JOB WAS BAD FIT experience is very limited, I do not feel that Clutter came to the job as an experienced pen- I would be able to offer proper training to a sion administrator. But she said the job actual- replacement,��� the letter said. ly was nothing like she expected it would be. The letter concludes: ���I understand this is not ���This position���s primary focus is financial and is beyond [the] education that I have received,��� she wrote in the letter. ���I feel that the percentage that actually pertains to the pension is very small. I am finding I am training myself in many areas of the job.��� an ideal exit; I need to focus on my health and also feel that the position as Pension Plans Administrator was not a proper fit for me and my qualifications.��� Nadalini told the pension board she has brought back Saldutti as a contract employee ���to make sure we don���t run into any issues. I She added, ���I feel this position would be more feel pretty good going forward. It���s an importappropriate for someone with a strong acant position.��� counting and financial background.��� And then there was the politics. ���Also, due to my unfa- And for now, a vacant one. %

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