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GOING NOWHERE FOR NOW The North Port City Commission did not move forward this week with plans for a domestic partnership registry. Image courtesy A DOMESTIC PARTNERSHIP REGISTRY IS ON HOLD IN NORTH PORT By Cooper Levey-Baker Associate Editor Former Sarasota City Commissioner Ken Shelin made his domestic partnership registry pitch to the North Port City Commission Monday, Feb. 11, getting mostly crickets in response. The program confers a set of seven specific rights on unmarried couples who choose to join the registry: healthcare visitation privileges, healthcare and burial decision-making rights, emergency notifications, etc. ��� what Carlson called ���essential, basic, fundamental Shelin, backed by local marketing execuhuman rights.��� The registry is gender-neutral, tive Grace Carlson, allowing same-sex ran through the main couples some of the points of how a domesThe ordinance we���re suggesting to same rights as those tic partnership registry you is very constrained and very specific accorded to married works, concepts long individuals. and very narrow in scope. since familiar to Sarasota and Venice resi���The ordinance we���re Ken Shelin Advocate dents who have emsuggesting to you is Domestic Partnership Registries braced the registry. very constrained and

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