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Sarasota News Leader February 15, 2013 Page 44 However, Coyman explained, ���If the contractor wants to change his subs and has a legitimate case to do that, the county would certainly want to consider that.��� the new local preference qualifications. However, she told Coyman she would like for him and his staff to let it be known that the commissioners wanted to see an effort made to Later, Coyman pointed out that the county ad- use local subcontractors on projects. ministrator of the contract would require a ���I���m not going to support [the motion] because firm to demonstrate the validity of any prob- I think we really need to address the issue,��� lem that led up to its request to modify the Barbetta said. agreement in regard to use of subcontractors. The process would be no different, he contin- Given the other stipulations provided for local ued, than the one in which a firm came back preference status, Hines said, ���that���s a lot of to the county to request more money for a steps, a lot of planning time��� for an outside project. In the latter situation, Coyman said, contractor to come into one of the three desigthe firm would have to prove, for example, nated counties and try to win status as a local that the cost of raw materials went up. company. The county���s contract administrator also REPORT ON BID AWARDS would contact the subcontractors to verify the firm���s statements. After the vote, Patterson said she had heard ���I am just looking at an administrative night- that Manatee County rarely awards bids to Sarasota County businesses. ���Without being mare in this,��� Hines said. in the least bit offensive to Manatee County,��� ���The administration would certainly be work,��� she said, ���I would love to know if this is so.��� Coyman responded. ���No doubt about that.��� If it is true, she added, that skews ���the whole When Patterson pointed out that the current local vendor process.��� local preference rules have no stipulation regarding use of subcontractors, Coyman told She suggested staff review past bid awards her, ���That is correct.��� to firms considered for local preference not only in Manatee County but in Sarasota and Referring to the vendor survey, Barbetta and Charlotte counties as well. Patterson both noted that only 52 percent approved of the subcontrac���Sort of a report card on all three tor stipulation. counties?��� Coyman asked for clarification. ���There must be a good many folks who think it���s going to be troubleRobinson said she would support some,��� Patterson said. the creation of such a report once staff had completed the revision of the county���s Procurement Code. ���I think the potential for abuse is high,��� Robinson pointed out. Patterson made the motion to leave the subcontractor language out of Ted Coyman/Contributed photo ���That makes sense,��� Patterson agreed. %

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