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Sarasota News Leader February 15, 2013 At the Wednesday, Feb. 13, meeting of the city���s Historic Preservation Board, a small ray of light appeared to penetrate this dark circumstance. ���It���s a void in the industry,��� said David McMahon with Atlas Insurance. ���Not just in Florida but in the United States. There���s a dire need for it.��� Page 46 For the past year, Atlas has been carving out a niche insuring historic structures. ���The elephant in the room is, insurance is expensive for many historic properties, and it is inadequate,��� said McMahon. ���The painful fact is many insurance companies will offer minimal and inappropriate protection at best. And it is very expensive.��� The Sarasota Opera House is insured through a program that covers historic structures. Photo by Norman Schimmel`

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