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FULL STEAM AHEAD Two teams of rowers sweep across Benderson Lake during a regatta in May 2011. Photo by Norman Schimmel THE SARASOTA COUNTY COMMISSION ADDS ITS ENDORSEMENT TO BENDERSON PARK���S BID FOR THE 2017 WORLD ROWING CHAMPIONSHIPS By Rachel Brown Hackney Editor With the potential for more than $24 million in economic impact on the region, the Sarasota County Commission on Feb. 12 gave unanimous approval to the proposal of Suncoast Aquatic Nature Center Associates (SANCA) to submit a preliminary bid for the 2017 World Rowing Championships. son Development Co. ��� which is overseeing the construction of the rowing facility at Benderson Park ��� pointed out to the County Commission as he had to the TDC, ���We are the United States delegation to put in for the bid.��� During the TDC meeting last month, Blackketter said, ���The impression that we get is that The Sarasota County Tourist Development this is basically ours to lose.��� Council gave its unanimous approval to the proposal after hearing a presentation during The last time the World Rowing Championships was held in the United States, he told its Jan. 17 meeting. the County CommisThe event would be sion this week, was in held at Nathan BendIf you can host a World Rowing 1994; yet, the U.S. has erson Park off UniverChampionship, you can host practically more rowers than the sity Parkway. European countries anything. Paul Blackketter, exdo. When it is completPaul Blackketter ecutive director of ed, he said, the BendBenderson Development Co. planning for Bendererson Park facility will

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