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Sarasota News Leader February 15, 2013 Page 53 Nonetheless, van Roekens said, ���When a light ���He���s the guy!��� van Roekens said with a chuckis always blinking, you just sort of ignore it.��� le, alluding to Maroney���s comment. Therefore, he made a motion for the SKA to send Maroney a letter seeking a change in the programming of the lights so they would blink only when a person pushed a button to activate them before crossing the road. ���The Siesta Isles Association has fought for that light over the years,��� Jonker added. ���It���s still not satisfied with that crosswalk by any means,��� he pointed out, referring to the one at the Beach Way intersection. The motion included a caveat that the Siesta ���We want the same kind of warning that MidKey Condominium Council board needed to night Pass has, because that���s effective,��� he agree to the change before the letter could be continued. sent. Last fall, the Florida Department of TransporThen SKA Director Deet Jonker, who lives in tation constructed six pedestrian crosswalks Siesta Isles, asked for clarification about van on the approximately 1.2-mile stretch of MidRoekens��� motion. After van Roekens repeated night Pass Road between the Stickney Point his intent, Jonker responded, ���I want to make Road and Beach Road intersections. Surveys sure that doesn���t get altered,��� referring to the conducted by an FDOT consultant in 2011 of constant flashing. residents who live in the condominium com- One of the six new Florida Department of Transportation crosswalks is located near the Excelsior condominium complex on Midnight Pass Road on Siesta Key. File photo

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