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Sarasota News Leader March 8, 2013 Page 47 ALTERNATIVES Baracco maintains an active database of qualified adopters around the state who are preSo, if you do have a pet Burmese python or pared and eager to accept your exotic pets. another exotic pet that you find increasingly difficult to care for, how do you arrange for its Some Burmese python owners worry that bewell-being and care going forward? cause they do not have the required permits and licenses for their pets, they could face leThe best way is to call Liz Baracco, the FWC amnesty adoption coordinator (office: gal trouble if they were to contact Amnesty 1-954-577-6409; cell: 1-561-235-4811; hotline: Adoption. No worries on that account: There 1-888-Ive-got-1, that is, 1-888-483-4681). You are no penalties for owners of unlicensed or do not have to wait until the next scheduled even illegal exotic pets surrendered to AmAmnesty Day. Amnesty Adoption will arrange nesty Adoption. FWC is interested only in the animal, not the owner. pick-ups. The hotline is manned 24/7. You may call it to arrange adoption for any exotic (that is, nonnative to Florida) pet — for example, a hedgehog, Tokay gecko, etc. The Amnesty Adoption program is not restricted to Burmese pythons and other "conditional species." If you need to find a new home for your exotic pet before the next Amnesty Day, please call the hotline to make immediate arrangements for its collection and secure placement. The process is simple and the FWC staff is helpful and friendly. % 6pm Thursday, March 28th Election reform will definitely be on the table during this year's Legislative session in Tallahassee. Come join the conversation with representatives of three groups that have it at the top of their priorities list. TUNE IN sarasota chapter aclu: SUSIE COPELAND Manatee NAACP, President PAT PRICE Voter Service Chair --LWVSC for the past 15 plus years DONNA CUBIT-SWOYER Board Secretary for Sarasota Alliance for Fair Elections (SAFE) sarasota branch of the naacp Program Moderator is COOPER LEVY-BAKER, Associate Editor Sarasota News Leader The FOCUS ON FLORIDA Conversation Series is FREE & OPEN TO THE PUBLIC. Fogartyville COMMUNITY MEDIA AND ARTS CENTER 525 Kumquat Court Sarasota FL 34236 CONTACT AT (941)894-6469 WSLR OR INFO@WSLR.ORG Sarasota's Own Community Radio

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