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Sarasota News Leader March 8, 2013 Page 49 added in an email, it takes eight to 10 weeks pecially for people trying to enter Avenida de to schedule a TAC matter on a County Com- Mayo from a side street. mission agenda. When vehicles try to exit the municipal parkSiesta architect Mark Smith raised the up- ing lot, which is bound on one side by Avenida coming TAC vote during the March 5 regular de Mayo, she continued, "they have a difficult meeting of the Siesta Key Village Association. time turning, too." It might be wise for SKVA President Russell Matthes to send an email to the County Com- Her application to the TAC adds, "The mail mission saying Siesta Village needs as much truck especially has difficulty and an ambuparking space as possible, Smith suggested. lance or fire truck would be at even … greater disadvantage." Matthes agreed to check into the issue. Additionally, she wrote, "Entering [the street] "That's a big stretch," Glenn Cappetta, own- from Canal Road is especially difficult as the er of Sun Ride Pedicabs, said of the length cars sitting on the right of the road block the of Avenida de right lane of Mayo. traffic." In a telephone interview with the News Leader, Merkle pointed out that she has lived on Avenida de Mayo for 25 years. Because of curbing along the south side of the road, she said, cars end up parked in the street. That "eliminates twoway traffic," she pointed out. "It just creates a really dangerous situation," she added, es- Moreover, she said of the vehicles, "they park all over the right of way," which damages landscaping. A photo with Marlene Merkle's notes shows vehicles parked on the grass on the north side of Avenida de Mayo. Contributed photo In conclusion, her application says, "We respectfully request that you approve 'No Parking' signs f o r Av e n i d a de Mayo on the side of the street across from the public parking lot." The situation, Merkle told the

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