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Sarasota News Leader March 8, 2013 OPINION Page 70 nance media advertising and yard signs, is an- in the community. An attorney, she, too, has served on several boards and commissions, other way to build familiarity. including formerly as chairman of the city But in the end, these ersatz strategies do little Planning Board. to reveal the true nature of a candidate. There is no reasonable expectation of how the can- Both women have gained valuable experience working with law enforcement, neighborhood didate might serve as a commissioner. preservation and downtown and North Trail The city has a host of major issues that must revitalization. They have shown a commitbe addressed in the coming months and years. ment to address the fiscal concerns of the city The two commissioners elected on March 12 through a balanced approach. must be capable of thoughtful, careful and rational deliberation in dealing with those is- When we review both the civic resumes of these two women and their public pronouncesues. ments, including the extensive interviews they To gauge the ability of each candidate to serve gave to The Sarasota News Leader, we feel in such a deliberative way poses the greatest a much greater confidence in their abilities challenge for voters, and the history of each than we do in considering any of the other candidate — as both a resident and an actively candidates. involved member of the community — is the The City Commission has struggled with ditruest barometer of future performance. vision in recent years, with commissioners Linda Holland has been a member of the com- more committed to individualism than prumunity for more than three decades. In that dent governance. With this election, the protime, she has served on a number of boards cess of ending those divisions and creating a and commissions, and she is well known as an cohesive strategy for future progress can beactive advocate for neighborhood interests. gin. The two candidates who offer the greatest She has demonstrated not just by her words, hope for a new inclusiveness and the creation but also by her service, that she will reflect of a thriving city are Linda Holland and Susan carefully on the issues she is called upon to Chapman. address. We urge voters to cast their ballots for Likewise, Susan Chapman has been a long- Linda Holland and Susan Chapman for term resident of the city and actively involved Sarasota City Commissioner. % Press Releases & News Tips

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