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Sarasota News Leader March 29, 2013 Page 90 Siesta Seen engineer, and other staff members about the lack of illumination on Old Stickney Point Road. Dave Stewart, one of the owners of Captain Curt's Crab & Oyster Bar, and Aledia Tush, co-owner of CB's Saltwater Outfitters, had approached Patterson for help. "They feel [Old Stickney Point Road] is very dark and dangerous at night and a deterrent to the folks visiting businesses and restaurants," Patterson wrote Harriott in a Feb. 1 email. "Their preference would be decorative lighting as was originally planned when the area was improved with sidewalks and pedestrian crosswalks [about 10 years ago]. They believe the little park at the end would benefit as well and apparently the condo down at that end is supportive of that also." She added that Stewart and Tush thought wiring already was in place. However, she pointed out that Harriott had told her on the phone the previous day that conduits and electrical boxes had been installed, but not the wiring itself. "[Florida Power & Light] has looked at this in response to [business owners'] inquiry a few years back," Patterson continued, "and they were told that the equipment [present] was not compatible with [FPL's] equipment." "If it is impossible to work out a mechanism to put in decorative lighting they would at least like the type that goes on the existing telephone poles to light the area," Patterson added. The lighting was not pursued at the time of the other improvements, she noted, "because there was no identified mechanism to pay for the cost of the electricity and maintenance of A Google Map shows the location of Captain Curt's Crab & Oyster Bar, CB's Saltwater Outfitters and condominium complexes in the vicinity of Old Stickney Point Road on Siesta Key. Image courtesy Google Maps the fixtures. … In order to draw the necessary support from business owners to pay for an assessment these folks need some estimate of costs per member of the district," she wrote Harriott. Harriott responded on Feb. 2, saying he had been unable to reach Stewart, but he had spoken with Tush. He had explained to Tush, he added, that Old Stickney Point Road is within the Siesta Key Lighting District, and several poles on the street are available for overhead lights, which FPL can provide at no upfront cost "and a negligible increase in annual energy costs (less than 2% impact to the district's annual budget). Ms. Tush is amenable to having that type of lighting installed."

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