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Sarasota News Leader March 29, 2013 Page 91 Siesta Seen During the March 19 County Commission meeting, Patterson summarized the situation again, saying she just wanted to make sure staff was still working with Tush and Stewart. Additionally, she said, business owners would like for staff to consider a way to better illuminate the crosswalks on Midnight Pass Road in that vicinity. When Patterson asked for commission concurrence, Commissioner Christine Robinson replied, "Didn't we give that once already?" "Yeah, but I'm just not hearing anything," Patterson replied. Patterson added, "It's a question of putting some rough numbers together even though we don't have a great history right now of accurate numbers. But let's try." HOLD THAT HOLD! With no comment, the county commissioners on March 19 unanimously approved holding a public hearing on the morning of April 24 regarding a proposed ordinance that would prohibit "The blocking of or obstructing access to or from vacant designated parking spaces except when moving a motor vehicle into and out of such designated parking space or when conducted by or with the permission of County officials." When Robinson asked for clarification, Patterson said she had been told staff still was A memo in the March 19 agenda material from working on the matter, "but I'm not hearing Carolyn Brown, general manager of parks and recreation for the county, and Wayne Applethat from residents." A proposed new county ordinance would prohibit people from saving parking spaces in county parks. Photo by Rachel Hackney

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