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Sarasota News Leader April 5, 2013 Dawn Wright, assistant to Capt. Susan Pearson — the public information officer in the Fire Department — told the News Leader on April 2 that the report indicated the fire was put out in about 10 minutes. She added that it had covered an area of about 100 feet. Page 18 It adds that the firefighters were able to begin spraying water on the area at 5:02 a.m. Luckner was especially concerned about the fire, because, as she pointed out, "It wouldn't take much with those old wooden cottages out there" to go up in flames if the fire had spread fast. Asked whether the firefighters had been able to determine anything about the cause of the The buffer area that was destroyed, Luckner blaze, Wright said, "Not that we're aware of," continued, is on a private piece of property owned by the Conservation Foundation of based on the report. the Gulf Coast. As a result, she pointed out, The report does note that it was difficult the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation reaching the area with a fire hose, with the Commission (FWC) also had posted "No crew having to use 950 feet of hose plus a 100- Trespassing" signs in the area. "They are still foot "rapid deploy kit." missing," she said of those signs, adding, "It's A 'Share the Shore' sign posted by Sarasota County at Beach Access 8 on Siesta Key seeks to educate visitors about beach-nesting birds. Photo by Rachel Hackney

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