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Sarasota News Leader April 5, 2013 Page 31 "We aren't just librarians. We are guidance counselors, teachers, college advisors. I had two kids come in today who asked for private time to talk with me," Harvey continued. But her position may disappear. Next year an aide — a category of employee with substantially less training — may be in charge of the new media center under construction. That fact was the major topic of discussion — both by the public and by School Board members — during the April 2 Sarasota County School Board meeting. "I don't think they're seeing how much this is going to cost them in the long run," Harvey told the News Leader. "I have three college-level classes I teach. We are spending a While construction of the new facility is under way, Booker High students are making the best of a media center in a doublewide portable unit on campus. Photo by Scott Proffitt A new media center will be part of the rebuilt Booker High School campus in Sarasota. Photo by Scott Proffitt

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