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Sarasota News Leader April 5, 2013 Because of concerns about adverse effects on the passes themselves and other areas — including Siesta Key — Mora suggested the sand might be removed in alternating intervals from the passes, Wreford told the News Leader. That way, he added, the natural systems would have time to replenish their deposits. "[The Corps of Engineers does not] want to do any kind of work that would have an impact [on the passes' navigability]," he pointed out. The Corps has been working on modeling for the sand removal process as well as for the Page 43 construction of the groins, Wreford continued. That modeling will have to show no detrimental impact on Big Pass or Siesta Key before the Corps will allow the initiative to proceed, he noted. The groins have been proposed "to help stabilize that one corner" on the southern tip of Lido, he added. The Corps would have to determine through a cost-benefit analysis that future Lido renourishment projects would be "extended out much longer" before approving the construction of the groins, which are similar to small jetties, Wreford said. The dredging of New Pass is likely to supply sand for the upcoming Lido Beach renourishment. Photo by Norman Schimmel

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