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Sarasota News Leader April 5, 2013 The St. Armands experiment provoked others to try the same approach. Golden Gate Point and downtown Sarasota approved similar self-taxing districts (without the cumbersome "property share" aspect), leading to significant civic capital improvements in both areas. Page 48 Of equal importance is the elimination of the BID governing board's ability — working under Florida's Government in the Sunshine law — to cooperate with senior city staff to solve problems. In effect, the vote terminates the voice of St. Armands at City Hall. The St. Armands BID will expire on Sept. 30, the After the votes were tallied this week, BID last day of the fiscal year. The city then must Chairman Marty Rappaport said, "Well, we've shoulder the burden for any improvements and maintenance, such as landscaping. % got to figure out a new way of doing it." The big pile is outweighed by the smaller pile. The big pile represents little properties voting 'Yes.' The little pile reflects big properties voting 'No.' The little pile won. Photo by Stan Zimmerman

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