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Sarasota News Leader April 19, 2013 However, the lawsuit is a significant legal impediment to completing the agreements because the suit is considered a "title defect" on the city's unencumbered ownership of the property. Page 23 ROLLING AND PARKING Vehicles are never far removed from the urban planning process. They came up twice Monday. City staffers received approval to start talking with their counterparts in the county about changing the "road impact fee" into a "mobility fee." City Engineer Alexandrea DavisShaw urged the move, because it will allow Rogers' lawyer, Brenda Patten, added, "I've the money to be used for pedestrian, bicycle read all the Buck/Leiter material, and a lot of and transit use — not just the construction of it is just posturing to get a settlement from the more roads. city. We want to stick with this." The impact fee is paid by developers to soften The commission approved an addendum to the cost of road improvements necessitated its agreement with Rogers, keeping the deal by increased usage. Mayor Suzanne Atwell intact and allowing Fournier a free hand to noted several other places in Florida are looking to switch to mobility fees, including Lee defend against the lawsuit. Rogers told the commissioners Monday, "We are very frustrated the project is stymied by forces beyond our control. But we will end up with a wonderful hotel we'll all be proud of." A lawsuit will delay construction of the new Floridays hotel next to the Palm Avenue parking garage in downtown Sarasota. Photo by Norman Schimmel

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