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2050 ON CENTER STAGE Neal Communities has been among the proponents of changes in the 2050 Plan. Image from Neal Communities website THE COUNTY COMMISSION ON MAY 8 WILL DISCUSS CHANGES DEVELOPERS HAVE PROPOSED REGARDING ITS LANDMARK PLANNING GUIDELINES FOR AREAS EAST OF I-75 By Cooper Levey-Baker Associate Editor The debate over whether to monkey with struction of new walkable, mixed-use commuSarasota 2050 is scheduled to get louder next nities and the preservation of open space and Wednesday, May 8, when the Sarasota Coun- environmentally sensitive land. But critics say ty Commission will discuss a list of changes 2050 has instead stifled development and that proposed by developers, as well as communi- the plan should be loosened up to give develty comments that have come flooding in. One opers broader freedom to build as they please. of the central points of More than 7,000 new discussion: fiscal neuunits have been aptrality. If you approve the whole thing proved under 2050 upfront and then it turns out to be not so, 2050 was added to the county hasn't got any recourse. the county's Comprehensive Plan a decade Nora Patterson Commissioner ago, with the intent Sarasota County to encourage the con- guidelines, but only one project — Neal Communities' Grand Palm — has gotten off the ground.

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