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REVISITING THE BEACH PROJECT A graphic shows the Siesta Beach Park improvements plan as of December 2012, with some optional items listed. Image courtesy Sarasota County AFTER INDICATING USE OF BOND MONEY MIGHT STILL BE UP FOR DEBATE, COUNTY COMMISSIONERS RENEW A FOCUS ON CONTAINING THE COST OF THE SIESTA BEACH PARK IMPROVEMENTS By Rachel Brown Hackney Editor On Dec. 11, 2012, the Sarasota County Com- Nora Patterson — who lives on Siesta Key — mission reaffirmed support for using bond and Commissioner Charles Hines appeared to question whether bond money to pay for immoney still should be provements to be undertaken in one It's a project I want to get done, used. continuous period at but I'm not and never really have been However, CommisSiesta Public Beach. supportive of that price. sioner Christine Robinson — who cast the During a budget workNora Patterson Commissioner only "No" vote in Deshop on Tuesday, April Sarasota County cember regarding the 30, Commissioner

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