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No. 33 — May 3, 2013 NO NEW TAXES CONTENTS SOON SERVING: FREE WI-FI Click Any Headline To Go Directly To That Article NEWS & COMMENTARY NO NEW TAXES 8 LOOKING BACK ON FOUR MONTHS 15 2050 ON CENTER STAGE 23 SOON SERVING: FREE WI-FI 29 THE COUNTY AND THE REGISTRY QUESTION 32 REVISITING THE BEACH PROJECT 36 SCC PREVIEW 41 PONDERING ROUTES AND COSTS 45 GRASPING THE GAS BID 49 NEWS BRIEFS 53 Faced with new needs and a backlog of maintenance projects — and no money for them — the County Commission seeks more information before setting priorities — Rachel Brown Hackney Sarasota Police Chief Bernadette DiPino reflects on the job so far and the future for the force — Stan Zimmerman The County Commission on May 8 will discuss changes developers have proposed regarding its landmark planning guidelines for areas east of I-75 — Cooper Levey-Baker A group working in downtown Sarasota hopes to see the area wired for service by late summer — Stan Zimmerman The County Commission next week is expected once again to discuss whether it wants to create a domestic partnership registry — Rachel Brown Hackney After indicating use of bond money might still be up for debate, county commissioners renew a focus on containing the cost of the Siesta Beach Park improvements — Rachel Brown Hackney Sound, special events and the CRA on tap for the City Commission — Stan Zimmerman A bus rapid transit plan for Sarasota County may need city money — Stan Zimmerman The County Commission finally agrees to approves a bid it originally had likened to the start of the 'mowing debacle' — Rachel Brown Hackney PHOTO CREDITS Front cover: Monarch of the Blossoms - Norman Schimmel Sarasota Leisure: The Zen of Selby Gardens - Robert Hackney

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