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GRASPING THE GAS BID Staff projects Sarasota County will use about $7.7 million in fuel for the 2014 fiscal year. Photo by Unisouth via Wikimedia Commons THE COUNTY COMMISSION FINALLY AGREES TO APPROVE A BID IT ORIGINALLY HAD LIKENED TO THE START OF THE 'MOWING DEBACLE' By Rachel Brown Hackney Editor It took another two sessions of questions, but the Sarasota County Commission finally gave unanimous approval to a three-year contract with Mansfield Oil Co. of Gainesville Inc. to supply gasoline, diesel motor fuel and biodiesel fuels to the county at a cost not to exceed $8 million a year. Ted Coyman, the county's procurement official, assured the commission on April 24 that Mansfield not only has its own fleet of 34 18-wheelers to use in transporting fuel, it also has its own "tank farm" in Tampa, where it stores supplies. He added that staff had verified with company representatives that no mistake had been made in the bid's notation that the firm would not charge extra to deliver fuel within 24 hours during a state of emergency, such as the aftermath of a hurOn top of their low price they're going to throw in hurricane preparedness ricane, instead of the standard 48-hour periat no charge? It's just a red flag to me. od. Joe Barbetta Commissioner Sarasota County Further, Coyman said, "They have established

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