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Sarasota News Leader May 10, 2013 to review all the data behind the staff proThe apples to apples have to be posals, the board sent discussion of the issue new houses, new condominiums. back to the group and Julie Byrne postponed its debate Member Sarasota County Environmentally Sensitive to June 5. Lands Oversight Committee The Planning and Development Services department originally proposed setting the price at "10 percent of the median sales price of a single-family residential unit or residential condominium unit." Using sales from June 2012, staff estimated that a single-family TDR would cost $17,850 Page 43 and a multi-family TDR would cost $19,500. But Oversight Committee members criticized that methodology during a special meeting held Monday, May 6. Oversight Committee member Julie Byrne said it didn't make sense to calculate the TDR price using such a wide range of sales, arguing that when you "lump those $70,000 single-family foreclosures" in with sales of new homes, it drags down the TDR price. "The apples to A Sarasota County graphic helps explain the concept of Transfer of Development Rights. Image courtesy Sarasota County

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