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Sarasota News Leader May 10, 2013 Page 79 what they planned to do after the graduation Collen went on to explain that his work is ofexercises on May 3 at the Bradenton Area ten informed by his childhood in Zimbabwe, the human rights atrocities that he witnessed Convention Center in Palmetto. there and the decision his family made in 2007 KIERAN COLLEN to leave the country and seek asylum in the Kieran Collen, a political asylee from land- United States out of fear of persecution by the locked Zimbabwe, told the News Leader that, Zimbabwe African National Union-Patriotic after graduation, he plans to attend the San Front, his homeland's leading political party. Francisco Institute of Art, where he will be working towards a master's degree. Ultimately, he said, he hopes to work in Portland, OR, at the office of Laika Inc., a stop-motion animation studio specializing in feature films, music videos, short films and other varieties of commercial content. "A lot of my work has to do with sociopolitical commentary and subject matter," Collen pointed out. "It's obviously a very important topic to me, because human rights where I'm from have been taken away left, right and center," he continued. "I would like to see people have those rights instilled and re-instilled, and A sculpture by Jimmy Brennick is among the works on display. Although the showcase was for graduates of the illustration program, many of the pieces incorporated sculpture and other mediums.

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