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Sarasota News Leader June 14, 2013 Page 56 quently recognized by the American Institute "I hope we can do that," Gable responded. "We of Architects as one of the 20 most important will definitely come back to you with a plan that identifies exactly where we would be gohouses in the United States. ing." "So he's a significant architect," Peterson add"For me, to bring in this program to Sarasota, ed. I'm more than willing to put up with the costs Cynthia Peterson told the County Commis- of this," Robinson said. sion, "We're very confident" of meeting the THE PROGRAM AND THE COMMUNITY fundraising goal. Chuckling, Commissioner Joe Barbetta said Gold estimated the Master of Architecture program would entail annual expenses of up he would plead with all the Gator alumni he to $750,000, with four full-time faculty memknows "to cough up some money." bers who most likely would live in the county. MOVING AND LOOKING AHEAD Ed Gable, the county's director of facilities services, explained to the commission that, "believe it or not," the county mail center and print shop housed in the Rupp building "is a pretty significant operation" with a number of people who would have to be relocated. In-state students will pay slightly higher tuition than they would if the program were in Gainesville, Gold continued, but the cost for out-of-state and international students would be lower. Therefore, he said, university officials anticipate a greater diversity of students, with up to 40 percent coming from beyond Florida's borders. "They need to be within a mile or two miles of [the County Administration Center on Ringling Boulevard]," he added, "to operate as efficiently as possible." When Barbetta asked about collaboration with colleges in Sarasota County, Gold replied, "We think that's a fantastic possibility for our students." Gable estimated the cost of leasing space for those workers and the equipment at $45,000 per year. Renovations of space for the operations could run as much as $160,000, he added, because of the specialized equipment involved. The moving costs themselves would be about $35,000, Gable noted. University officials also anticipate offering a three-year Master of Architecture program for non-traditional architecture students, he pointed out. Sarasota County students with bachelor's degrees in interior design, art and even sociology, for example, would be candidates for that option, Gold said. In response to the renovations estimate, Barbetta told Gable, "I'm a little concerned when we come up with numbers [like those] when we may find a building" where the operations could be moved without paying renovation expenses. Residents of Laurel Park — which is close to the building — are excited about having architecture students become part of their neighborhood, Peterson noted, and Chairwoman Carolyn Mason pointed out they would be able to walk to classes and a number of downtown destinations. %

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