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Sarasota News Leader July 12, 2013 Page 33 of living within our means." He noted that 11 homeless and vagrants. "We have to deal with more jobs will be cut through attrition, and he the chronic revolving-door problem of homesaid pension obligations now equal 80 percent lessness," Barwin said. of the payroll. The entire budget is on the city's website, Bar"For every dollar of pay, we must kick in 80 win noted, and a new feature is a page for citicents," he pointed out. "All totaled, that's $3 zen comments and questions. Get your fingers million more than last year." ready: touted a couple of initiatives. "Our nance2013-2014proposedBudget.html goal is to have 40 hours of training every year for every city employee," he said. Training fell FILLING THE HOLE by the wayside for several years to save money, as was noted by former Sarasota Police Property taxes make up only about 30 percent Chief John Lewis' review of city police prac- of the city's total revenue. A variety of other taxes "hidden" in other bills — for electricity, tices, released earlier this year. communications, gasoline, sales taxes, water A second initiative requires $100,000 for a service and more — provide additional city "street response team" to supplement the Po- income. About $13.5 million comes from "othlice Department's involvement with the city's er financing sources" and "all other revenue A city budget chart compares the Sarasota Police Department to other Florida municipal police forces. Image courtesy City of Sarasota

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