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'IT STINKS' Molly Bowen talks about the problems with sludge on her father's property. All photos by Cooper Levey-Baker THE DAUGHTER OF A PROPERTY OWNER ALONG THE MYAKKA RIVER VOICES CONTINUED DISMAY OVER SLUDGE ON THE SITE AS THE COMPANY THAT DID THE DUMPING CALLS A HALT TO IT By Cooper Levey-Baker Associate Editor Molly Bowen plants a shin-high butterfly-print rain boot into the long, winding driveway that leads up to her father's Myakka City property: "Squirch." The sole sinks down into the dark gray muck that has collected. Below the top layer of shimmering slime sits the driveway's normally light brown sand, visible in the footprint left behind This is not when Bowen lifts up river leaves. her boot. She shows me more as we tour the 3.5-acre plot. The Myakka River, which has flooded over its banks after days and days of rain, rushes by in a big loop around the Bowen land. There's plenty more of that muck, as well as pools of foamy stagnant water. I can't smell anything amiss, but Bowen says today's scent is "very mild" compared to what it normal decaying was a couple of weeks ago. The stench is so bad it gives her headaches, she says, and Molly Bowen while she planned to spend the summer out

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