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A NEW PROSPECT FOR SPRINGS The advertisement for a short-term operator of Warm Mineral Springs notes the winning bidder will have the right to hold exercise classes in the water. Image courtesy City of North Port MOTE MARINE INDICATES AN INTEREST IN THE LONG-TERM MANAGEMENT OF WARM MINERAL SPRINGS; SHORT-TERM MANAGEMENT BIDS ARE DUE AUG. 9 By Rachel Brown Hackney Editor By 3 p.m. on Aug. 9, the City of North Port's management should know how many firms are interested in taking short-term control of Warm Mineral Springs. exploring the potential long-term management of the resort with a research and tourism entity as well known to county residents as the resort itself: Mote Marine. That is the deadline the city's Purchasing De- Reid notified the County Commission by partment has set for responses to its adver- email on July 29 that he had had several discussions about the tisement for bids, Aspossibility with Kusistant City Manager I believe that involving local mar Mahadevan, the Daniel Schult told The Sarasota News Leader experts like Mote is a step in the right recently retired CEO of Mote, who remains direction. this week. on staff with the SaraChristine Robinson In the meantime, Sarasota County-based reCommissioner sota County Manager search facility as its Sarasota County president emeritus. Randall Reid has been

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