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CRIME BLOTTER Guns and drugs from recent arrests are shown on a table in the Sarasota Police Department. Contributed photo POLICE DEPARTMENT MAKES TWO WEAPONS ARRESTS The Sarasota Police Department arrested It was the only vehicle on the road at the time, two men on concealed weapons charges last the report continues, and the officers noted they could detect "a strong and constant odor week, the department has announced. of marijuana" that seemed to be emanating One of the suspects also had illegal drugs in from the vehicle. his possession, a news release notes. The driver, Lloyd Eldridge, 19, of 1158 44th St., About 11:15 p.m. on Tuesday, July 23, officers Sarasota, told officers he had just smoked a stopped a vehicle in the area of Dr. Martin Lu- marijuana cigarette inside the car and that ther King Jr. Way and Maple Avenue in Saraso- he had thrown it out the window before they ta because the windows appeared to be tinted stopped him, the report says. Because of that, a darker shade than allowed by law and a rear the officers advised Eldridge they were going tag light was not working, making it difficult to search the vehicle, the report notes. He told to read the license plate, the report says. them he understood, but there was nothing

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