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Sarasota News Leader August 9 & 16, 2013 Page 19 Developers say 2050's web of rules, rather than encouraging smart growth, has in fact prevented any growth, while defenders of the plan argue the global economic downturn and the housing implosion have had much greater impacts on construction. The county has approved more than 7,000 units under 2050, but only one project has broken ground: Neal Communities' Grand Palm. THE 'FISCAL NEUTRALITY' FACTOR One of the thorniest issues in the 2050 debate has been fiscal neutrality — the requirement that any new neighborhood pay for the increased demand for county services that accompanies it through impact fees and taxes. Donna Arduin addresses a program hosted by the In July, the commission authorized County Virginia Institute for Public Policy. Image courAdministrator Randy Reid to negotiate with tesy of the Virginia Institute for Public Policy three economists with "development project experience" (Commissioner Joe Barbetta's According to a draft document supplied by phrase) to evaluate 2050's fiscal neutrality Reid, Arduin's firm would be responsible for delivering an initial fiscal neutrality report policies. within 60 days and making three public preReid tells The Sarasota News Leader two of sentations on its findings. Reid says the goal is the three people suggested by the board have to hammer out a methodology by which fiscal dropped out, leaving only Arduin, Laffer & neutrality could be assessed, as well as how Moore Econometrics. Donna Arduin, recombest to time the monitoring system. He hopes mended by Barbetta, is perhaps most famous to have something finalized this week with Arto Floridians for having crafted then-candidate duin, Laffer & Moore. Rick Scott's "7-7-7" plan to create 700,000 jobs in seven years. Shortly after being elected in BACK ON CLARK ROAD … 2010, Scott named Arduin to his budget advisory team. Arduin has also consulted with for- The proposal submitted by LT and 3 H acmer Gov. Jeb Bush and former California Gov. knowledges the county's in-progress overhaul Arnold Schwarzenegger. Her firm's co-founder, of 2050, but it argues that shouldn't affect how Arthur Laffer, served in the Reagan adminis- officials view their request. "While the public tration; he touts himself as "the father of sup- process seeks to address complex and more ply-side economics" — the notion that cutting global 2050 implementation issues, there are taxes, particularly for the rich, leads to greater unique features of the Clark Road Properties government revenue in the long run. that present their own opportunities and con-

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