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Sarasota News Leader August 9 & 16, 2013 Page 42 "It is one of the most significant archaeolog- "I call this a legacy moment for Sarasota ical sites in the Southeast," said Koski, who County," Robinson said about the county's opportunity to purchase and protect Little Salt has lived on the property since 2004. Spring and Warm Mineral Springs, both locatSarasota County soon could become the owned in North Port. er of the archaeologically rich spring. Unlike Warm Mineral Springs — which began The University of Miami has owned the site operating in the 1960s as a health spa — Litsince 1982, thanks to a donation. However, tle Salt Spring should be protected as a limitbecause of cuts in funding to the university's ed-access archaeological and ecological preRosenstiel School's Division of Marine Affairs serve, Robinson pointed out. program — which managed research at the spring — the university is looking to sell the Koski used an exaggerated metaphor to illusproperty. Talks are continuing between Sara- trate the differences between the two springs sota County and the University over the cost. located less than five miles apart: If Warm Mineral Springs is like Disney World, Little Commissioner Christine Robinson told The Salt Spring is more like Jurassic Park. Sarasota News Leader she believes the university wants to sell the site soon. "I think "North Port is on the map because of Warm we are talking months, not years," Robinson Mineral Springs," Koski said. "It is a shame [the resort is] closed, and hopefully it will noted. There is no other place on the planet like it. Bill Goetz Correspondence Secretary Friends of Little Salt Spring The University of Miami has owned and operated Little Salt Spring since 1982. Photo courtesy Friends of Little Salt Spring

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