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Sarasota News Leader August 9 & 16, 2013 is allowed by special exception. It further suggested the display area not extend more than 6 feet from the storefront and that it "shall not extend beyond the width of the single building wall, or storefront, whichever is narrower, of the responsible business and must not exceed … 12 feet" unless a greater width is allowed by special exception. Page 59 The SKOD measures "were not dissimilar to what St. Armands does in regulating itself," she continued. "[T]he Village merchants wanted to see something more St. Armands-like and a little more upper class." That was why, when she saw Cooper's proposed amendment, she pointed out, she thought, "Well, this is going to get really out of hand." "It needs to be tweaked," Smith said of Coo- Patterson added, "So I'm real nervous about per's draft. it and I don't want to change the ordinance Referring to the work on the original SKOD without a lot of weigh-in from a lot of people." language, Jonker pointed out, "[It] was diffi- At the same time, she said to Smith, "I'm all cult for us to … get it done … and tinkering for your success." with it doesn't excite me." Patterson also noted that the county zoning He added that the island used to have numercode allows for merchants to apply for tempoous clothing stores before the SKOD went into rary use permits that are good for one week, effect. four times a year. That way, merchants can Smith told him her concern was that retailers, provide displays not ordinarily allowed by including her, would be driven out if outdoor SKOD. A business owner also can apply for a displays continue to be banned. "Then [it] will special exception, Patterson noted. become a bar town." "I know that it's going to take a lot of converVan Roekens said residents do not want to see sation and I know that it's going to take a lot the latter happen. of input, and I respect that there is a certain "There are a lot of people with a lot of differ- way to do things," Smith responded. "I'm not necessarily here to ruffle feathers. I'm just ent opinions on this one," Patterson added. here to say … I want to stay here. I love this The final SKOD was approved after extensive island. I want to take care of it in the best cooperation among the merchants, residents way I know how, and I don't want to see it and condominium owners on the key, she con- turn into a bargain town, either. And that's my tinued, "and it took a year or more to come biggest concern — if I can't stay here and a to the conclusion [that the ordinance had to T-shirt shop can stay." focus on factors that could be regulated]. Your mannequin with a pretty dress," Patterson told Luckner, the SKA president, told members the Smith, "is somebody else's not pretty dress, Siesta organizations had been working well and there's no reason, if you're given a space, together over the past couple of years, "to sort why you can't put a rack of clothing out there. out things. I hope we will do [so with] this … A rack of T-shirts has a different impact." as well." %

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