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Sarasota News Leader August 9 & 16, 2013 Page 62 complying with the zoning code governing the island. However, John Lally, the Siesta Code Enforcement officer, pointed out that he and his colleagues will have to undergo training first. tract with the firm for both residential and commercial collections is about $22 million.) BOTTLES AND CANS Michael Shay, vice president of the Siesta Key Association (SKA), who has been spearheading the recycling initiative for the SKVA, told Alexander the recycling containers should resemble the garbage cans, but in a different color, "to try to keep [the look] uniform." Because the organization would be entering into a commercial recycling contract, Alexander continued, "[The SKVA members would] Members spent considerable time during get to select from a group of vendors." A numthe July 2 meeting talking about numerous ber provide that service in the county, he noted. complaints that had been lodged regarding dumpsters left open, with trash strewn around One consideration upfront, he said, is what them, as well as dumpsters left out of the en- types of containers the SKVA wants to put closures where the Siesta Key Overlay District out for the public — whether they should be (SKOD) zoning ordinance dictates they must similar to the Village garbage containers, for aesthetic purposes. remain — out of sight. Regarding the recycling initiative, Gaddie told those gathered for the Aug. 6 meeting that the SKVA board had invited Alexander to discuss what it needs to do to start a Village recycling program. Alexander joked at the outset of his remarks, "If you put it at the curb or put it in the dumpster, it's my job to make sure it gets picked up." Further, Shay said, the majority of recyclable items that end up in Village garbage cans are water bottles and soda cans, as many businesses have signs posted asking customers not to bring food and drinks inside. He added that, as a matter of fact, the county's single biggest contract is with Waste ManageBased on earlier SKVA discussions, Shay ment. continued, his impression was that there (Curt Preisser, a county spokesman, told The was not an interest at this point in recycling Sarasota News Leader that the annual con- paper goods. Siesta Key Village Association members would like to move the dumpster out of a parking space in the municipal lot. Photo by Rachel Hackney

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