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Sarasota News Leader August 9 & 16, 2013 Page 64 He typically finds at least a dozen water bottles on the ground outside the club after a busy evening, usually around the garbage can, he added. At the conclusion of the discussion, Gaddie asked Alexander to provide her with a list of recycling vendors the organization could begin contacting. THE DUMPSTER ISSUES Regarding Siesta Village garbage: Lally, the county Code Enforcement officer, told SKVA members that prior to a county administrative decision this year, he and his colleagues had been responsible just for making sure dumpsters remained inside the enclosures Michael Shay. Photo by Rachel Hackney mandated by the zoning ordinance. They had no oversight of commercial waste matters, cally come in and cite you if your container is though they did handle residential solid waste leaking fluids," he added. problems, he added. Smith also asked whether the zoning code "We haven't had any training [in commercial specifies the amount of space that must be solid waste matters]," Lally continued, "and provided around a dumpster to allow the collection company to empty it. Smith, who overthere's a lot of rules out there." sees the upkeep of the Village as a represenBefore 2010, Alexander explained, the Solid tative of the Siesta Key Village Maintenance Waste Department had its own staff of Code Corp., pointed out that he has been trying for Enforcement officers. After that year, as a months to relocate the dumpster in the municcost-cutting measure, the officers were trans- ipal parking lot between Avenida Madera and ferred to the regular Code Enforcement Of- Avenida de Mayo. However, Waste Managefice. ment representatives have told him they need a certain amount of room for their trucks to Since the SKOD went into effect in 1998, maneuver around the dumpster. SKVA Vice President Kay Kouvatsos noted, all dumpsters have to be enclosed, regardless of More parking space could be provided in the whether they are used by restaurants or other lot if the dumpster can be repositioned, Smith commercial businesses. noted. Kouvatsos and her husband, Tom, are co-own- "I would be more than happy to either come ers of Village Café. out myself or have one of my staff come out [and look at the situation]," Alexander replied. In response to questions, Alexander said each "Our job is to get you what you want." restaurant dumpster has to have a plug in the bottom. "The Health Department would typi- "I like the way you think," Smith told him. %

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