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Sarasota News Leader August 23, 2013 Page 88 Siesta Seen tors. Therefore, Swift staff will not be able to concern was that bond rates "are starting to review the bid responses in time to make that just take off." If the Siesta project and others estimate. that will be paid for with bond money are not begun soon, Barbetta added, "It's going to add Nonetheless, Brownman told the board, Swift hundreds of thousands if not millions of dolis confident the project still can be completed for $16.7 million or less. That number is what lars to the costs … so time is of the essence." the board has approved for construction. Brownman also reported that the project is close to the 90 percent completion point with both the civil engineering and landscaping design work, "but we're still working towards 90 percent on the architectural drawings." Later during that budget workshop, Richard Gleitsman, a member of the Analytics staff in the Office of Financial Planning, appeared before the board with the news that the Siesta Beach Park improvements will be covered with a bank loan. Commissioner Joe Barbetta, who, in 2011, An agenda item on that discussion is set for first proposed using bond revenue to speed Oct. 9, Gleitsman said, with the loan set to up the project timetable, told Brownman his close on Oct. 11. Umbrellas line the shore of Siesta Public Beach on Sunday, Aug. 18. The County Commission will get an update on the plans for beach improvements when it meets on Aug. 28. Photo by Norman Schimmel

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