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Sarasota News Leader September 6, 2013 Page 62 of Siesta Key] have a history of challenges," he spring. Patterson had sent the SKA a copy of Tobias' memo, he told the News Leader offered the following recommendations: on Sept. 3, which "backs up our feeling that • "Regardless of the parking configuration al- something has to be done on de Mayo about lowed, the Fire Department requires a min- the parking situation." imum clear width of 12 feet 6 inches" for a What the SKA board had sought, he continued, rescue squad or fire truck. was a prohibition of parking on the north side • Parking should not be allowed on both of Avenida de Mayo, because the fire hydrants sides of public roads and rights of way un- are located there. However, the south side of less staggered parking is implemented. the street has a sidewalk that abuts a grass • If staggered parking is provided on both right of way, he noted. The SKA recommended sides of the road, "a transition zone that is parking be allowed on the south side of the clear of parked vehicles must be provided. street, where cars could park on the grass. However, he said, the organization suggested no parking be allowed on the south side of the • Areas where parking is prohibited must street from the entrance/exit of the municipal also be clearly marked, especially areas in parking lot to the Canal Road intersection. front of fire hydrants; by law, a vehicle must be no closer than 7 feet 6 inches in either "I think the biggest issue here is [Avenida de Mayo's] proximity to the Village, and it gets direction of a hydrant. the overflow parking," Shay added. • The restrictions must be enforced. "I'll be real curious to see what happens next," Michael Shay, vice president of the Siesta Key Merkle told the News Leader. "I guess those Association, brought the Avenida de Mayo is- [county government] wheels turn a little slowsue to the attention of that organization this ly, but that's cool." % • Parking spots must be clearly designated. Residents report that the municipal parking lot in Siesta Village — between Avenida de Mayo and Avenida Madera — stays full more frequently. Photo by Rachel Hackney

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