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Sarasota News Leader September 6, 2013 Page 87 Siesta Seen "Or how much they'll pay us," Shay respond- ta Village. However, Shay was quick to add, ed, referring to the firms. "Do you want me to "There's nothing etched in stone there." look into that?" he asked. He based the locations on the volume of recy"Yes," SKVA President Cheryl Gaddie told him. clables he had observed in garbage cans, he pointed out. Some firms might be willing to provide the bins and pick up the recycling at no charge, In response to a question from Rami Nehme, Shay said, because of the value of the mate- owner of Blasé Café, Shay said he would be rials collected. "Let me find out from them … happy to provide a copy of that list to interested people. what they're willing to offer." When Dave Magee, owner of The UPS Store on Beach Road, asked how many locations the SKVA was considering for recycling bins, Shay said he had put together a list of about a dozen spots on Ocean Boulevard in Sies- Shay also told the approximately 20 people present that he was not certain the SKVA should pursue the recycling of paper. He did note, however, that when new local newspapers are delivered each week, he finds piles of Vice President Kay Kouvatsos (left) takes the minutes of the August Siesta Key Village Association meeting as President Cheryl Gaddie watches. Photo by Rachel Hackney

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