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The completion of this week's issue marks an auspicious occasion for us. It is the 52nd issue since we began using our PDF-based, published version of The Sarasota News Leader. It is hard to believe we will begin our second year of publication next week. When we started posting content on our website in April 2012, our goal was to design a standalone publication that would be "printed" in digital form, rather than on paper. We put out that first issue on Sept. 21, 2012. A number of people made this milestone possible. Cooper Levey-Baker, Stan Zimmerman, Vicki Chatley, John Riley, Norman Schimmel, Fran Palmeri, Harriet Cuthbert, Elinor Rogosin and, of course, Cleve Posey, have been with us since the formal publication appeared. And we were fortunate to add Roger Drouin to the staff this summer. But those most responsible for the success of our publication are you … our readers. We launched the News Leader with a few hundred subscribers. Now we have about 6,000, and more subscribe each week. Your steadfast support and your desire for a more comprehensive accounting of the news in Sarasota County have inspired us and encouraged us. Our vow is to continue to do all we can to provide complete and accurate coverage of Sarasota events, along with a mix of fascinating features, so you can be the best-informed residents of this community. We hope you will continue to let us know what you like about the News Leader and how you think it can be improved. And please continue to recommend us to your friends and acquaintances. Editor and Publisher

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