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No. 52 — September 13, 2013 CONTENTS ENTICING MORE TOURISTS AN UNTAPPED $8 MILLION Click Any Headline To Go Directly To That Article NEWS & COMMENTARY ECONOMIST ON BOARD 8 $1 BILLION 11 JUST A BID AWARD BLIP 18 FOOT ROUTE 25 BACK TO THE DRAWING BOARD 31 THINKING AHEAD 35 A NEW AND UGLY TRICK 39 ENTICING MORE TOURISTS 42 JARGON AND REALITIES 47 SCC PREVIEW 52 A BIG BOOST 55 County inks deal for 2050 fiscal neutrality review — Cooper Levey-Baker The Sarasota County Commission approves the Fiscal Year 2014 budget on a first reading, after paring almost $1 million in expenses — Rachel Brown Hackney The Warm Mineral Springs bid award will not be executed until more extensive background checks have been undertaken on the firm recommended as the short-term operator — Rachel Brown Hackney Main Street's sidewalk improvements are more than halfway complete, providing a little more walking space in downtown Sarasota, along with high hopes for this tourist season — Roger Drouin The City of Sarasota will reconsider the selection guidelines and process for the State Street public-private project — Roger Drouin Nonprofits, county government lay out 2014 legislative priorities — Cooper Levey-Baker Foreclosure 'mess' not even close to being over — Stan Zimmerman The County Commission agrees to hold a public hearing on a new program designed to increase visitors' overnight stays in Sarasota County — Rachel Brown Hackney Analysis: Sarasota's Urban Design Studio team is encouraging dialogue with the public as it works to reshape the city's zoning code — Stan Zimmerman A Sailing Squadron request, expansion of the bayfront mooring field and more discussion of a homeless shelter are on the agenda for Sept. 16 — Stan Zimmerman Members of the committee weighing the future of the Community Redevelopment Agency in downtown Sarasota say it should go on beyond 2016 — Stan Zimmerman PHOTO CREDITS Front cover: Tidal Pool - Robert Hackney Sarasota Leisure: Fiery Skies - Norman Schimmel

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