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OPINION A FEW BAD APPLES THREATEN THE BARREL EDITORIAL In our Jan. 4 issue, we took exception to downtown residents seeking to turn the center of Sarasota into a place devoid of sound, a joyless place where going to bed at 8 p.m. would be the most exciting entertainment option. serves the vitality of downtown without ruining the quality of life for the area's residents. At the time, we felt many of those living in the high-rise condos were being intransigent, insisting on a virtual "cone of silence" that would descend over the city at sunset. Still, we have shared the hope of restaurants As we pointed out, the urban center of a city is downtown that the city eventually would recan odd place to come for sepulchral stillness. ognize the necessity of an active nightlife and We felt then — and still do — that the city come up with more reasonable sound limits must be more accommodating of entertain- and operating hours for establishments offerment venues that cater to those who do not ing musical entertainment to their patrons. want to, well … go to bed at eight o'clock. It is for that reason that we also share the chaBut the cause of any such accommodation is grin of those establishments at the actions of helped by courteous understanding of and re- a few bars downtown whose managers have spect for each viewpoint, as both sides work decided their response to the existing noise toward a reasonable compromise that pre- ordinance is to ignore it.

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