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A PATH TO COMPLIANCE The owners of 6537 Sabal Drive have been granted county permits to remove noncompliant construction on the property. File photo OWNERS OF A SIESTA KEY HOUSE A RENTER CHARACTERIZED AS A FIRE HAZARD HAVE OBTAINED COUNTY PERMITS TO REMOVE STRUCTURES THAT VIOLATE COUNTY AND FEDERAL BUILDING REGULATIONS By Rachel Brown Hackney Editor A Bradenton contractor told The Sarasota News Leader this week he plans to pick up county permits "in about a week or so" to tear out structures of a Siesta Key house that has been the focus of a legal complaint Sarasota County filed in July. Construction and Remodeling Co. of Bradenton, owned by Spiro Paizes. A county Building Department spokeswoman told the News Leader this week that the contractor needed only to pay for the permits and pick them up before the work can begin. According to John Lally, the Code EnOur system is not designed to forcement officer who collect money. It's designed to bring works on Siesta Key, people into compliance. the permits were isDavid M. Pearce Assistant County Attorney sued on Sept. 12. The Sarasota County contractor is Sarasota When asked by the News Leader how long it would take to complete the project at 6537 Sabal Drive on the south end of the is-

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