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Although we began celebrating last week, as we anticipated the start of the News Leader's second year, as I write this, I truly am savoring what a momentous occasion we are marking. My husband never takes enough credit for his role in envisioning a digital weekly news publication that would serve not only my interest in staying on top of local events but also allow him to keep his writing and management skills honed. And while I took the opportunity last week to credit the team members who have been with us from the outset, I cannot begin to lavish enough praise on them and Roger Drouin, who joined us this summer. I have been extraordinarily fortunate to work with some incredible journalists through the years, and our News Leader staff is most assuredly among them. Many, many years ago, when I was a lowly college intern at The News & Observer in Raleigh, NC, an editor told me it was very difficult to find people who could write and report equally well. Yet, Cooper Levey-Baker, Stan Zimmerman and Roger Drouin all fit that hard-to-find profile. It is not just a pleasure to work with them, it is an honor. I also want to put in much-deserved plugs once again for Norman Schimmel, Cleve Posey and Vicki Chatley. Without excellent photos, superior layouts and exemplary copy editing, our stories would not "shine." "Labor of love" may be a cliché, but it does describe what we do every week at the News Leader. And we love hearing from you, our readers. After all, you are the ones who truly have made this possible. Editor and Publisher

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