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CONDOS WANT IN, TOO The Plaza at Five Points is a prominent structure in that part of downtown Sarasota. Photo by Norman Schimmel THE DOWNTOWN IMPROVEMENT DISTRICT BOARD LEARNS RESIDENTS OF THE DOWNTOWN HIGH-RISES WOULD PAY EXTRA PROPERTY TAXES IF THE MONEY WENT FOR MORE SECURITY By Stan Zimmerman City Editor The Sarasota Downtown Improvement District (DID) meeting on Tuesday, Sept. 17, held two surprises, and they initially appeared contradictory. The first was a report from the Sarasota Police Department. The second was a request by downtown condo owners for higher taxes. The DID is composed of commercial property owners in a defined downtown area. They levy a property tax on themselves to make improvements in the district. The DID membership also serves as a springboard for ideas that can migrate to other bodies, such as the Community Redevelopment Area and the Sarasota City Commission. With the increased focus on homelessness and vagrancy in the downtown area, the DID board asked the police to provide some figThis is big for the DID. Residential ures on crime. It turns condo owners have not had representation. out that arrests are virtually unchanged Tom Manaussa between the first eight Board Member Downtown Improvement District months of both 2012 and 2013.

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