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BID WINS ON SECOND VOTE St. Armands is a popular shopping and dining venue, especially during the height of season. File photo A NEW VOTE BY ST. ARMANDS CIRCLE PROPERTY OWNERS WILL MAKE IT POSSIBLE FOR EXTRA TAX REVENUE TO CONTINUE TO BE USED IN THE DISTRICT'S UPKEEP By Stan Zimmerman City Editor The directors of the St. Armands Business Improvement District (BID) earlier this year asked property owners in the swanky shopping district if they wanted to continue a property surtax to keep the place looking nice. To the great surprise of the BID board, the proposal failed by a substantial margin. ple enjoy their time on the circle. How could that happen? BID Chairman Marty Rappaport found it hard to believe until he started looking at his membership. "We had a big turnover in ownership in the last 10 years," he said. So Rappaport A lot of people were new to this convinced the SarasoThat meant the end of ta City Commission to special promotions, process, and there were many new let him try for another special sidewalk clean- landlords over the last 10 years. election. ing, Muzak, landscapMarty Rappaport Chairman ing and a host of small Timing was tight, beSt. Armands Business Improvement District amenities to help peocause the city fiscal

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