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Siesta Seen A TINY NEW PUBLIC SPACE HAS BEEN CREATED ALONG OCEAN BOULEVARD; SGT. SCOTT OSBORNE PROVIDES A PRIMER ON 911 CALLS; THE SIESTA KEY CRYSTAL CLASSIC NEEDS SPONSOR SUPPORT By Rachel Brown Hackney Editor Sarasota County Parks and Recreation De- Association, but it took me a little time to nail partment staff quietly has carved out a tiny down details about its creation. public space on right of way next to a very Regular readers may remember that the lots popular parcel on Ocean Boulevard. adjacent to the right of way formerly were the The news about this spot's existence arose focus of a Conservation Foundation of the during the August meeting of the Siesta Key Gulf Coast initiative to create a pocket park — A truck is in the space created along county right of way on Ocean Boulevard, while another vehicle is parked parallel to the road. Photo by Rachel Hackney

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