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A BIG EFFORT Bruce Dillon (left, at the table), vice president of Friends of the Legacy Trail, and Mike Gippert, president of Friends of the Legacy Trail, address the City Commission on Oct. 7. Photo by Norman Schimmel A NONPROFIT GROUP BEGINS PLANNING A LEGACY TRAIL EXTENSION NORTH INTO DOWNTOWN SARASOTA, WITH FUNDING LIKELY FROM PUBLIC AND PRIVATE SOURCES By Roger Drouin County Editor More than 120,000 bicyclists, runners and "Conceivably, it's a huge project," said Bruce walkers use the Legacy Trail every year, Dillon, vice president of Friends of the Legacy according to electronic counters on the route. Trail. "However, I think it's a community goal." An effort is under way to extend the popular multi-use trail, expanding it from south of Clark Road, where it ends, into downtown Sarasota. The 8-mile extension would be a big effort that could take years. We don't expect that this project will be funded by all public dollars. Public dollars, from all levels of government, will be mighty handy, but we expect private dollars to be a part of that. Bruce Dillon Vice President Friends of the Legacy Trail The Friends of the Legacy Trail has been making presentations to local groups and elected officials — including one on Monday, Oct. 7, to the City Commission and an update to County Commissioners on Tuesday.

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