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Sarasota News Leader October 11, 2013 Page 69 to brighten the wall. And on Monday, Oct. 7, William and Marie Selby Foundation for the Kucharski's crew came back to reinstall the memorial initiative. historical plaques. The Newtown Redevelopment Office, the While there was no official re-dedication of (now-defunct) Front Porch and local banks the monument, the moment was observed joined the neighborhoods in making donaby former Mayor Fredd Atkins, current Vice tions. Northern Trust, for example, supported Mayor Willie Shaw, City Commissioner Susan creation of a memorial to the area's first Chapman and community members Barbara teacher. The Coalition of City Neighborhood Langston and Valerie Buchand. Associations urged members to participate by buying memorial bricks in the walkway. Years ago, neighborhoods on the north and south sides of the city raised $25,000 as a Now the pioneer plaques are back in matching share for a $75,000 grant from the the sun. % The wall stood clean of any adornment in mid-January. File photo

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