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MARBUT'S PLAN A man standing alongside Bee Ridge Road seeks help from motorists. Photo by Norman Schimmel THE HOMELESS CONSULTANT SUGGESTS FOUR PREFERRED SITES IN THE CITY OF SARASOTA FOR A PERMANENT HOMELESS SHELTER, THOUGH THE LOCATIONS ARE LIKELY TO SPUR A HEATED CITY COMMISSION DISCUSSION By Roger Drouin County Editor Robert Marbut's 55-page draft report outlines a comprehensive approach to homelessness in a community that has been grappling with a growing homeless population. lists 12 major recommendations. The plan includes a master case management system to keep track of homeless individuals and families and to try to provide them services. Marbut also recommends Emergency Intake Marbut, who was hired by the city and county Portals for homeless families with children to come up with a plan in North County and to address homelessSouth County. His bigThe main goal is to pick the site that gest recommendation ness, will present his report to the county is in the best overall interest of Sarasota — and the one that and city commission- and one that promotes the operational will likely prove most success of Sarasota Safe Harbor. ers Monday, Nov. 25. controversial — is for Robert Marbut a permanent homeless The draft of the report, Homelessness Consultant shelter in the city of released Wednesday,

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