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A SECOND TRY AT A FIRST DRAFT The Arduin Laffer & Moore website explains the services the firm provides. Image from www. DESPITE SHARP CRITICISM OF A CONSULTANT'S FISCAL NEUTRALITY REPORT, SARASOTA COUNTY MOVES AHEAD WITH ITS CONTRACT By Cooper Levey-Baker Associate Editor The Sarasota County Commission this week roundly dismissed the first draft of an analysis of portions of the county's Sarasota 2050 Plan, while at the same time absolving Laffer Associates, the consulting firm that prepared it, of blame, and recommitting to its contract with the company. neutrality is the principle that a new development generates enough county revenue in the form of impact fees and taxes that it compensates for any increase in demand for public services. Laffer delivered the first draft of its report two weeks ago, and it has been the subject of blisThe county signed the deal with Laffer, tering criticism from all sides. The draft calls t h e Te n n e s s e e for the total eliminabased firm, in early tion of fiscal neutrality, They did what they were asked to do. all zoning rules and September, agreeing to pay $90,000 for a the county's Urban Charles Hines review of Sarasota Service Boundary, Vice Chairman Sarasota County Commission 2050's fiscal neutrality among other things, requirements. Fiscal and draws on the

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