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Vol. 2, No. 10 — November 22, 2013 CONTENTS MARBUT'S PLAN DIVIDE TO CONQUER Click Any Headline To Go Directly To That Article NEWS & COMMENTARY DIVIDE TO CONQUER Former city mayors voice support for Chapman in the latest Sunshine suit — Stan Zimmerman 9 MARBUT'S PLAN 13 A SECOND TRY AT A FIRST DRAFT 21 ZONING AND PARKING 26 MARCH 25 IT IS 30 HIGH HOPES 36 BIG WEEK FOR SARASOTA 2050 40 A ROUGH OUTLINE 44 The homeless consultant suggests four preferred sites in the city of Sarasota for a permanent homeless shelter, though the locations are likely to spur a heated City Commission discussion — Roger Drouin Despite sharp criticism of a consultant's fiscal neutrality report, Sarasota County moves ahead with its contract — Cooper Levey-Baker A plan to triple the density for development in the Rosemary District will proceed, but the question of paid garage parking remains open — Stan Zimmerman In spite of objections to the timing, the County Commission votes 4-1 to approve another spring School Board referendum on a special 1 mill tax — Rachel Brown Hackney Several of the affected property owners say they are relieved the Fruitville Initiative is moving forward after a three-year delay — Roger Drouin County Commission gives the OK to numerous Sarasota 2050 revisions — Cooper Levey-Baker The Downtown Sarasota Community Redevelopment Agency Study Committee votes unanimously to recommend a 30-year extension of the district and to keep 1986 as the base tax value year — Stan Zimmerman PHOTO CREDITS Front cover: Where were you when you heard? - Norman Schimmel Sarasota Leisure: A Tranquil Sail - Norman Schimmel

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