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HABITS AND HOUSING Maj. Ethan and Sue Frizzell are welcomed to Sarasota during a Salvation Army Advisory Board meeting. Image courtesy of The Salvation Army of Sarasota Facebook page A COMMUNITY FOCUS GROUP TALKS OF BREAKING RESIDENTS FROM ACTS OF 'HELP' THAT DO NOT REALLY ASSIST THE HOMELESS AS WELL AS THE NEED FOR AFFORDABLE RESIDENCES By Stan Zimmerman City Editor As homelessness consultant Dr. Robert Marbut was putting the finishing touches on his draft report, a long-standing community focus group on homelessness began pulling the threads together to push it forward. The Sarasota Salvation Army's commander, Maj. Ethan Frizzell, said people should stop giving out stuff, for example. "Compassion drives by. Love walks in," he pointed out. "I'm tired of carrying stuff off the corner." Can you afford to live in this Even without knowcommunity? If you are a maid with three ing the specifics of the report, the members kids and a single mom, you need to ask of the Focus Group on if you can afford to live here. the Homeless sensed Bryan Pope The Salvation Army community habits Sarasota were going to have to be broken. His Salvation Army colleague Bryan Pope added, "Stop giving out dollars and doughnuts." This advice reinforces Marbut's contention that "enabling" homeless

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